• LOCKDOWN care for your car

    1. Start your car at least every third day and leave it to idle until the cooling fan has cycled once. That way you prevent the battery from running flat. You could also put the battery on charge.

    2. If your car has not moved from the same parking space in this time period. Move it forward or backwards a bit to stop the tyres from getting a flat spot from standing in the same position.

  • LOCKDOWN care for your car

    3. Apply your foot brake and release the handbrake a few times so that it does not seize and not allow the car to move.

    4. If your car is not under cover put a sun shade on the inside of the windscreen to prevent sun damage to the car. You could also put a car cover over your car.

  • LOCKDOWN care for your car

    5. Open your windows slightly during the day to air the inside of your car. Remember to close them when you not close to your car.

Automotive Repairs & Services to all makes of vehicles. Mechanical, Auto Electrical repairs and maintenance. Est. 1965

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We specialise in Classic Car starters, alternators/generators & distributors. We have a large stock pile of obsolete parts and if do not have it or cannot get it anywhere we manufacture the parts needed to repair the unit. With over 50 years experience in the automotive industry.

Ignition repairs

We repair Mercedes Benz EIS (electronic ignition switch) and Steering locks. Also able to make new keys.


Specialists in car aircon regas, maintenance and services, and minor repairs such as leaks.

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